Demand Forecasting

FIRMUS DASHBOARD is the powerful business tools that combine the multiple sources of information with a high impact visual display. It visualizes the key performance indicators for the decision makers at all levels of the company, provides the right information across the entire distribution supply chain. It will result the improving the businesses service levels without needing to increase the stock levels.

It delivers actionable, contextual knowledge to decision makers at every level and helps you to make the informed decisions. So that you will have the intelligence to understand and change the way of how you operate your business.

To remain a step ahead of the competition, you need to anticipate the fluctuations in the market to ensure that you are equipped to meet the demand. Provide deeper level of insight market trends and reliable foundation to forecast future demand.

Profit Margin Analysis

For a profitable distribution business, it is not only important to sell large volumes of products, but also to ensure that the products have a decent margin. We will help you to analyze which products and customers that come with the best margins.

Supply Chain Management

Give companies much better visibility over their supply chain operations. It enables the businesses to look at how the actions that are done by the principals and customers can impact their inventory holdings and downstream distribution operations.


  • Real time transparency of company performance across all the business functions.
  • On the go access via web browser and mobile device.
  • Improve purchasing, forecasting and distribution management.
  • Avoid the future bottlenecks such as out of stocks situations.
  • Increase margins through efficient warehouse operations.
  • Improve the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Optimize product profitability and account receivable.


  • A variety of¬†interfaces, use a web browser or mobile device.
  • Flexible look and feeling; make your reports reflect your corporate identity.
  • Exporting and printing. Export your reports to excel format or simply print them.