Your Complete Sales and Distribution Solution

Easy to Use, Efficient and Proven

FIRMUS DMS is the perfect answer for addressing the diverse needs of fast moving consumer goods company. Our distribution management system (DMS) will help the promotions control, improves productivity, and streamlines inventory. Besides that, we can also give the accurate and reliable information for your secondary sales.

Trade Promotion Management

Execute the best trade and brand promotions for targeting the right consumer through the right channel with the best combination of products, price, placement and promotions. Enable you to develop winning campaigns with an overview of trade investments, spending and profitability.

Design Sales Route for Optimum Productivity

Design optimum routes and let you decide the most appropriate one. Choose the efficient and effective way to reach your customers in the right time. We ensure that the store will be visited based on the designated frequency for enabling salesman to achieve his sales target.

Significant Reduce Distributor’s Stock Levels

Make the distributor inventory position is transparent for the principal. With the accurate information of stock on hand, secondary sell out and stock in transit, you can ensure the appropriate stock all the time and preventing the unnecessary stocks.

Ensure Proper Stock Cover at Outlet

Derive the amount of stocks for each outlet based on previous sales history and stocks that available at any times. It can give you a precise idea of consumption rate in the shelf and the capability to ensure the adequate stocks in the outlets.

Easy and Fast Claim Processing

We ensure that all claims are generated through the proper approvals chain, while the stakeholders are keeping updated with the processing status, ensuring the transparency and trust worthy relationship with your distributors.

Managing Financial Performance

Complete Distributor Accounting and Financial Solution

Help you to monitor the income, tracks expenditures and manage the resources that are needed for your distribution business and utilizing the industry best practices. Our distribution management software (DMS) gives you all the information that you need to improve your sales effectiveness, identify your best and worst performing products and customers, tracks your salespersons’ productivity and commissions, tracks your accounts receivable and customers’ payments, controls costs and manages your accounts payable. FIRMUS DMS allows you to manage and optimize all the financial performance of your business.


Support Your Distributors

Manage operations from start to finish; from the inventory and credit management to van sales and promotion claims management. Increase customer retention through orders’ fulfillment excellence and value added services.

Enhance Efficiency

Reduce inventory costs through powerful demand planning and forecasting. Increase the order’s accuracy and store coverage while reducing the time that is spent and achieve the higher service levels.

Control Trade Promotion Spending

Allow you to limit outlay and avoid over spending. Once you hit your budget, the promotion will be automatically stopped.

Focus Your Activities

We optimize your route plans and provide you with the right information, reducing travel time and help you make the most in every visit. You will be able to know which products or customers are truly contributing to your growth.

Accurate Financial Report

Produce the real time and accurate financials and tax report.


For The Consumer Company

Manage and control distribution operations with the distribution management system (DMS), standardize channel and distributor key operation reports. We enable the continuous sales operation improvement, best trade and brand promotions for targeting the right consumer, fast and reliable distributor claims, and visibility to distributor activities as well.

For The Distributor

Improve operation control and efficiency of over purchase, inventory, sales, delivery, claim, collection and cash management. Reduce the loss in sales, stock and collection, quicker order to cash process. Centralized control for multi branch and multi principal operation. All are integrated to finance and taxation and real time profitability analysis.