Retail Execution

FIRMUS SFA helps consumer goods companies integrate mobile applications into their retail execution and trade promotion. It is a comprehensive Sales Force Automation and gives you a control of your field sales force and provides the front office and back office information about the sales force to enhance their trade and sales effectiveness. At the end, it will improve sales performance for consumer companies and distributors.

Empower your management and field sales teams to deliver more targeted, consistent and successful promotions.

  • Intelligent alerts of highlighting key promotion and new product introduction.
  • Reduce out of stocks with an improved visibility in the store inventory.
  • Optimizing the routes to reduce the logistics costs and enhance efficiency.

Enforce Your Sales Call Methodology

Help the salesperson to perform their duties in a wise step. Guide the salesperson in simple and smart way to achieve the sales target by equipping them with all the appropriate tools on the go. Our sales force automation will remind the salesperson about product’s assortments and promotions, helping the salesperson to perform various activities on a store such as checking the available stocks, taking order, collecting payment, informing customer about the order amount and credit limit.

Easily Plan Your Sales Call

Easy, systematic and well organized to plan and to execute sales activities in the store. FIRMUS SFA drives the focus of your sales force by arranging and planning retail execution in a systematic way. When your salesperson reaches the store he knows exactly the activities he has to perform and the promotions that he has to communicate to the store.

Maximize Your Selling Time

Provide a clear picture of how a sales team manages their times; started from when they leave the office until ending the sales call. FIRMUS SFA will do the time stamping on all routes.
So you will be able to analyze the time that is spent on each visit, store visit, post visit, in store time, traveling time and compare them with their sales achievement at each store.


Boost Productivity

Improve the route planning and achieve greater order efficiency, meet the right customers at the right time with the right promotions and stock levels. Clearly define and deploy objectives, plans and actions; from promotions and product introductions to the store activities inside.

Multiple Routes to Market

Optimized the route plans to make the most of every visit, manage operations from start to finish; from  taking the order, inventory control and performance analysis.

Improve Brand Recognition

Help to ensure your products are on the shelf at the right time.

Sales Made Simple

Designed for all salespeople, offers exceptional flexibility, usability and simple. The minimal training is required.

Increase Revenue

Track performance, limit out of stocks and avoid compliance pitfalls.

Reduce Costs

It helps to reduce the paper work and phone calls; meanwhile the volume of sales visits is increasing, order lines and productivity.

Support Your Team

Help to take control of even the largest and most complex network, whether rural or urban, high volume stores.


Complete functionality

Support all route to market sales on leading mobile platforms.

Fully integrated

Manage all sales that are processed on a single sales platform, trade promotion management and retail execution.

For the consumer goods company

Manage and control distribution operations directly with some features like salesman management, product master, trade promotion and visibility to field activities.

For the sales force

Visit’s schedule, sales history, today sales target, promotions, checking the store’s stock, orders, accounts receivable and payment collection.