Help to Control Promotions, Improve Productivity and Get Reliable Information on Your Secondary Sales

FIRMUS SOLUTIONS is a leading sales platform for the consumer goods company. We serve the personal and home care, foods and beverages, pharmaceutical, tobacco and agribusiness companies. With FIRMUS DMS, FIRMUS SFA and FIRMUS DASHBOARD, you will have a full set of integrated applications to support your Go To Market activities. Empower your management and field sales teams to help them make more targeted, consistent, successful promotions and increase the sales effectiveness.

Allowing You to Manage and Optimize the Financial Performance of Your Business

FIRMUS SOLUTIONS gives you the real visibility and controls over the most complex and high volume distribution operation. Easily provide the reliable information about the status of customers' orders, service levels for both, suppliers and customers, and profit margins. All you need is at your fingertips; from the order fulfillment, demand planning, up to financial management.


Performance Analyzing

Identify the market, determining promotion effectiveness and recognizing the depth and breadth of distribution business.

Enhancing Productivity

Creating more effective processes with distributors, reduce paperwork, improved team monitoring and design better route planning.

Complete Accounting and Financial Solution

Help to monitor income and track expenditures, managing the resources for your distribution business and utilizing the industry best practices as well. FIRMUS SOLUTIONS give you all the information that you need for your sales effectiveness, identify your best and worst performing products and customers, track your salespersons’ productivity and commissions, track your accounts receivable and customers’ payments, costs control and manage your accounts payable.


Fully Scalable

Designed to support businesses of any sizes with multiple branches and multiple principals operation.

Easy To Use

Designed for your daily business; flexible role centric set-ups, fast and efficient data entry.

Easy To integrate

Seamlessly integrate with the other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).