FIRMUS SOLUTIONS provides ready to use, web based, real time online, integrated distribution management and financial management solutions that enables us to deliver innovative solutions for each client. We bring the industry best practices, experience in tackling business issues and applicable technologies to enrich the solution.

At the core of FIRMUS SOLUTIONS, we build the industry with specific business rules and business processes that can be adapted and tailored to the customers’ requirements. FIRMUS SOLUTIONS allows you to organize all your purchasing, inventory management, sales order management, finance, accounting, shipping, and customer service needs with maximum sales effectiveness.

Executive Management

Clear, concise and accurate information to facilitate the making of insightful business decisions. FIRMUS DASHBOARD provides an executive management dashboard, developed and refined with leaders in the industry to provide the business analysis that is required by senior management.

Provide the detail analysis by company, branch, customer, customer type, sales channel, sales representative, sales group or sales territory. For performance management, daily snapshots of business activities for a range of specified dates, including periodic analysis of sales days outstanding, are provided as well.

Financial Management

Our financial management solution provides secure, accurate, timely and up to the minute information. It will enable you to make the strategic and insightful business decisions. Real time integration with all application modules will allow you to identify and resolve all the problems quickly.

Accelerate your credit and collections’ processes and improve your cash flow by identifying and controlling bad debt accounts, analyzing customer payment and credit history.

We serve the following industries :

  • Automotive and Industrial
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical and Paper
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • General Wholesale Distributor
  • Health, Beauty and Nutrition
  • Janitorial and Sanitation
  • Pharmaceutical